Jul 23, 2022

*Love must be sincere.* Romans 12:9a

The strength and depth of the emotion of love makes it sometimes very difficult for people who experience it to fully comprehend what they are actually feeling for others. In this state of confusion, many are not able to(for whatever reasons)separate, and openly communicate the kind of love they are feeling. Whether an empathy bond(Storge), or a friendship bond(Philia), or a romantic love(Eros), or a selfless love(agape).

If the recipient of this love cannot connect on the same level, decode and reciprocate this mixed feelings; What seem like a feeling of admiration, empathy,  fondness or familiarity, but which in actual fact is a romantic love quickly turns to bitterness, envy, hatred, and a destructive tendency. This mental agony ultimately leads to a "collapse" of the once beautiful relationship.

We are being admonished to be genuine about our love. Love must not be conditional, and must be free of any hypocrisy. Sincere love hates evil and clings to what is good(Rom 12:9b). Sincere love is a selfless devotion to one another for the sake of Christ Jesus.

Love indeed must be sincere!

*MHB 435; 1*

LOVE is the key of life and death, of hidden heavenly mystery: Of all Christ is, of all He saith, Love is the key.

*#inspirationalNaa* ✨

Image: By kind courtesy of Dover's Garden.

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